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Daily Patriot 15 June 2024 Islamabad ePaper Today

Daily the PatriotDaily The Patriot is an English Language newspaper which is published every day. Daily the Patriot ePaper is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan since 2002. Sardar Khan Niazi is the Chief Editor of The Patriot. It is distributed from Islamabad by the Pakistan Group of Newspapers, which was established in 1990 by Sardar Khan Niazi. Pakistan Group of Newspapers likewise distributes the (The Daily Pakistan), Daily Action (Karachi), Nwa-e Nwab Shah and Pak Watan (Karachi). Daily the Patriot Newspaper can be purchased by spending is only 10 Pakistani Rupees. That’s why everyone can afford it.

24 Hour News Channel:
Daily The Patriot news group has their own news channel of 24 hours, named “Roze News”. After the test transmissions, the distributing organization behind the daily paper propelled Pakistan's 24-hour Urdu news channel. Roze News TV is a well known, Islamabad-based, Urdu Language TV station of the Pakistan Group of Newspapers.
Roze News Current Programs:
Sachi Baat
Defense Matter
Kahabar Roz Ki
Current Affairs

Daily the Patriot Newspaper:
The Patriot is Islamabad based English newspaper; it has 8 pages in total. First two pages are kept for National news, which includes the news related to Pakistani Political situation. These two pages are enough to know that what’s going on in Politics of Pakistan. Page No 3 is associated with the news of Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) only. Page no 4 is editorial page which includes columns of different writers in it. These columns are very helpful for the readers to know the current affairs of Pakistan. Page no 5 also is published with the columns in it, Page 5 also has a unique feature called “Tweet of The Day”. In this feature, the tweets of different people are added. Daily the Patriot Newspaper's page no 6 is published with International news. On this page, News about all the countries of the world is published. If you want to start a business in some foreign country, you have to read this page for information. Page no 8 and 9 include the news about sports. Sports of Pakistan and International country are published in it.

Daily the Patriot English Newspaper is helping to guide many readers about democracy. They keep the general people groups very much educated to the world about what’s happening in international world. They picture each angle including jokes, marital, groups, logical realities, and silver screens and so on.
In addition, daily papers additionally add to the learning of the readers by advising them about the new disclosures, developments and items. If a person does not read the Daily Patriot Newspaper, She/he can watch the news channel.

Daily Patriot Jobs:
Daily Patriot newspapers assist the job searchers with finding appropriate jobs through the "Wanted" sections. Ads help an extraordinary arrangement boosting up offers of the devour items and others. Daily Patriot ePaper likewise helps individuals in putting the cash astutely in the share trading system. Taking into account each taste and each need, daily papers exhibit the entire world. Absolutely this newspaper has an indispensable part in life and part of people.

Daily the Patriot ePaper:
Daily The Patriot presented an ePaper form on its site that gives the entire printed daily paper to web based perusing. This form is particularly beneficial for Pakistanis living outside Pakistan.
If you want to read the Daily the Patriot ePaper online, click on the link given below:
Daily The Patriot Official Website:
You can view daily patriot previous newspapers by clicking the link below:
Daily The Patriot Twitter:
Daily The Patriot Google Plus:
Daily The Patriot Facebook:
Daily the Patriot Email Address:
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Click on the Daily The Patriot to view Daily Patriot ePaper Online Today 15 06 2024.

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