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Daily Mashriq 29 September 2023 Newspaper Today

Daily MashriqDaily Mashriq is ABC Certified Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan. Daily Mashriq Newspaper has been successfully operating through several major cities of Pakistan for the last 50 years under the supervision of Mashriq group of newspapers who also publishes The Statesman English Daily Newspaper. Roznama Mashriq is one of the most widely circulated Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.
Mashriq Newspaper is being simultaneously published from different cities of Pakistan by the following names
Daily Mashriq Peshawar
Daily Mashriq Islamabad
Daily Mashriq Lahore
Daily Mashriq Quetta
Daily Mashriq Ajk
Daily Mashriq Muzaffarabad
Daily Mashriq Peshawar was bought by Agha Syed Tajmir Shah, one of the well known businessmen of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He, himself became its first Chief Editor. He left no stone unturned to make the daily one of the leading national daily and it’s was his open policy that enabled the daily to gain some fame in the masses. He introduced some new trends in practical journalism and all his experiences met success, as the reader encouraged him for his bold articles, worthy and authentic, new stories and smooth and locally written editorials. Perhaps all these experiences were never made by any of the daily in the KPK and that is why people started relying on Mashriq. It courageously published the articles and social features, which were immediately absorbed by the public. It gives wide coverage to the news of almost all the varieties.

Mushriq alsways gives special attention to it's policy and every article and new story is checked with great care and attention owing to its larger leadership. It always supported the national causes and interest of the country, whether it is national or international. Specially over the international issue like Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine and other issue of Muslim ummah, the newspaper has rendered remarkable job. The news paper has always done it's best to present a true picture of a problem to the world. Daily mashriq never compromise over any issue. It always backs the story of reporter. Mashriq never published stories to damage image of an individual or organization but always search to reveal the wrong doing in any field. It has always discouraged the sectarianism violence and backing of any single political group and encouraged qualitative journalism.

Mashriq Akhbar, a popular Urdu daily, is broad sheet format newspaper that includes 10 pages and it's price is 13 Pakistani rupees. Its economical price allows common person to buy it easily. The distinct style of Daily Mashriq reporting has been one of the many reasons of its high rates of circulation. The team of journalists and the editorial board make sure that the readers get authentic and genuine news without being accompanied by any biased opinions.

The format of Daily Mashriq news paper has been kept quite simple and reader friendly. Each section has been arranged separately depending upon the content provided in it. Daily Mashriq front page is all about headlines and top stories accompanied by the next few pages that include local, national and international news. The other sections and the pages of Daily Mashriq include the following:
Daily Mashriq Breaking News
Daily Mashriq columns
Daily Mashriq classified ads
Daily Mashriq sports Mews
Daily Mashriq Horoscope
Daily Mashriq Cartoons
Daily Mashriq Sunday Magazine
Daily Mashriq Showbiz News

Daily Mashriq Jobs or Daily Mashriq Vacancies is a section which is very popular among a large group of young people due to the fact that it includes hundreds of job ads and open vacancies. You can find daily Mashriq private and government job ads here. The jobs are often mentioned by the names of the cities where the job vacancy have been announced.
Daily Mashriq jobs Lahore
Daily Mashriq jobs Islamabad
Daily Mashriq jobs Peshawar
Daily Mashriq jobs Karachi
Daily Mashriq jobs Quetta

Daily Mashriq Online which goes by the name as Mashriq e Paper is also very famous among a large group of people for Daily Mashriq current News amd mewspaper archives. Daily Mashriq ePaper becomes so popular among people because it doesn’t involve buying a hard copy. People can read Daily Mashriq newspaper in their mobile phones, laptops or computers. The e-paper of daily Mashriq is often searched by the names of specific publishing cities like Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Quetta. Mashriq ePaper gives you access from the latest to the oldest Daily Mashriq papers. You can also get access to daily Mashriq Today, Daily Mashriq Yesterday and Daily Mashriq Archives. So if you desire to read the latest copy of daily Mashriq newspaper, you can search for Daily Mashriq today newspaper or daily Mashriq yesterday newspaper if you desire to read the previous one. Similarly it can be mentioned and searched by mentioning the date with daily Mashriq.

The Official Website of Daily Mashriq is: https://www.mashriqtv.pk. At the website you can find latest, breaking and authentic news in Urdu daily from Pakistan and all oer the world. Mashriq TV is also very popular among Urdu speaking people all around the world for latest news and talk shows with touch of entertainment and much more masala. Mashriq Newspaper Jobs Ads and Mashriq Sunday Magazine is Very Popular Among Youngsters of Pakistan. Mashriq Youtube channel and Mashriq Dailymotion channel are also popular among internet surfers. Mashriq Authorities also publish The Statesman English Newspaper. You can also get latest news on daily mashriq YouTube channel also.

If you want to contact daily mashriq authorities, you can easily contact them by visiting the official website, by calling them via phone, via social pages, via email via postal address. Here is some information to help you to contact daily mashriq:
Daily Mashriq Address: Head Office» Bilal Town, GT Road Peshawar, Pakistan.
Official Website of Daily Mashriq: www.mashriq.com.pk
Daily Mashriq email Address: [email protected]
Daily Mashriq facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dailymashriqpesh/
Daily Mashriq twitter: https://twitter.com/mashriqtv?lang=en
Mashriq TV: www.mashriqtv.pk/live-tv
Mashriq Sunday Magazine: https://www.mashriqtv.pk/E-Paper/sunday-magazine
Daily Mashriq Phone: 0092-0423-6288291-3
Daily Mashriq Fax: 0092-0423-6288294

Below is the official website for Daily Mashriq