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Daily Khabrain 25 June 2024 Newspaper Today

Daily Khabrain Khabrain (خبریں اخبار) is a daily Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. Daily Khabrain is one of the largest circulated Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan which started its journey from Lahore in 2000 September 26. And now has been publishing from multiple cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Haiderabad, Sukkar and Muzafarabad. Roznama Khabrain is owned and run by Khabrain group of newspapers. The Khabrain group of newspapers claims to have a circulation of over 30 percent in Pakistan.

Daily Khabrain includes all national, international, business, entertainment and sports news along with the local news. The format of the paper is carefully managed as it provides the news in the form of perfect organized sections. The front page is all covered with the top stories and headlines with their detail at the inner section and separate sections for sports, entertainment and local news along with the advertisements of newly launched products. The reporters and team of the Khabrain provides authentic and genuine news for its readers and that’s why it is considered as the reliable source of information by the people. The bold and dynamic way of reporting has done a service of bringing awareness by including news and information from all over the world including Pakistan.

Click on Daily Khabrain to Read Daily Khabrain ePaper 25 06 2024.

The team of Khabrain Akhbar includes the most famous and professional columnists, providing spectacular articles and writings on different topics. These articles and columns have been responsible to increase the interest and curiosity of people and making them addicted to reading. The columns and articles written in the newspaper are informative and normally targets the current affairs. The most famous columnists of Khabrain daily newspaper are Zia Shahid, Israr Rana, Humayun Dar and Abdul Wadood.

The other section of the newspaper which is very famous especially among the youth is Daily Khabrain Jobs. The reason behind its popularity is that hundreds of jobs are advertised in it on daily basis which no doubt is quite tempting and appealing for the job seekers. In "Khabrain Sunday Magzine" they publish social and cultural articles, cooking recipes, jokes for kids, poetry and beauty tips. Khabrain has epaper as well which is a great facility not only for people of Pakistan but also for those who live across the border. You can read online news and Kabrain Magzine at "www.khabraingroup.com".

Khabrain group of newspaper has made the access of the newspaper very easy by providing the online version of newspaper known as Khabrain ePaper: http://www.dailykhabrain.com.Khabrain e paper has been really appreciated by the overseas Pakistanis as it aware them from the current situation of their homeland. It is equally famous and popular in Pakistan as well. As it has made the access to the newspaper quite easy and one doesn’t have to labor and spend money on getting it. The e paper daily Khabrain is an exact copy of the printed format in much easier and simpler format which is also very convenient for the newspaper readers. You can visit the e paper daily Khabrain for online news, blogs and feeds.

So if you want to read Urdu Khabrain online then you are right place. You can read latest, breaking and updated news in urdu daily at Roznama Khabrain publishing from Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Other Cities of Pakistan. Daily Khabrain has become really popular among the people due to multiple reasons and factors which have been discussed above. The popularity graph and its acceptance among the people can be judged by checking its status on the social media. There have been made different communities on the social media where people can share their views and reviews. The Daily Khabrain Facebook page is one of them which could be joined by visiting the link http://www.facebook.com/Daily.Khabrain. Daily Khabrain Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/daily_khabrain

Khabrain Newspaper Address:
Daily Khabrain Official Website:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Markaz G-7-II,Block 12-L Sitara Market
Phone(s) : 2204755 , 2204751 , 2204752 , 2204753
Fax(s): 2204756

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