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Akhbar e Jehan 14 June 2024 Weekly Edition

Akhbar e JehanImagine a lady anxiously waiting for the next weekly edition of a magazine just because there is hardly another one to give her ‘counsel on the zeitgeist’. She wants to know what is written in her horoscope stars, what is the recipe of her dream dish, what is the new I-phone all about, what is happening in LollywoodBollywood and Hollywood, what is that week’s Beauty Tips, what does her dream mean, what is new in the Islamic pages, what is the new way of dressing up, what are the new eligible faces questing for a pretty bride, and what not? Well, she wants to know it all – and to all her riddles, there is only one answer, literally ‘the news of the world’, the Akhbar e Jehan.

Owned by the Jung Group of Newspapers, Akhbar-e-Jehan is the largest selling news and entertainment magazine countrywide. Also; published from Lahore, Punjab, this all-pervasive weekly magazine of Pakistan comes with a color of literalism satiating the ever-curious countrywomen. But, to pigeonhole this weekly into a soft gender category will be an outright injustice to the broad-gauged and well-rounded Akhbar e Jahan. Despite ‘she’ being a primary audience, there is a lot that the pages of it have to offer to the man and the child. There are special reports on current affairs topics. There are customized children corners as Bazm-e-Atfal (The Children Fest), quotations that interest the little angels, puzzles and riddles, cherubic jokes that certainly make them laugh, and again, what not!

Click on the Akhbar e Jehan to view Latest This Week Edition of Akhbar e Jehan Karachi Magazine 14 06 2024.

For men, there is some unputdownable stuff. They can and do read the International News Desk, which provides them detailed analysis on world affairs. As it is with our cricket-esurient nation, the countrymen can extinguish their pangs of cricket with the thirst quenching pages of Akhbar-e-Jehan. More than just the game, the pages dig deeper into the sports celebrities, which is what the fans want to eat, sleep and breathe.

To talk about the pluses, the Weekly Akhbar e Jehan beautifully blends cost-effectiveness with quality. There is a variety of information and entertainment, that too not beyond average pocket size. The readers can access the pages online at ‘www.akhbar-e-jehan.com’. Peculiarly the magazine is quintessentially an ‘Urdu Magazine'. Whether the printed or the online form, the linguistic medium has been paid utmost attention. And this is where the magazine is able to develop brand association with the target audience. To keep it contemporary in its approach, continuous improvement remains the kernel of magazine. Recently, facebook and the Twitter section has been added, which states and discusses the famous tweets from around the globe that interest the reading club. Readers can also give their feedback, leave a comment, share their dreams and thereby interact in an effective and efficient manner. The experts on your zodiac, your dreams and your gustatory tastes are at your beck and call. And you don’t need to go that far. All you need to do is to fetch a printed copy, or even that be hard, you need to go soft, it is just one nimble click away.

To sum it all, Akhbar e Jehan Magazine remains the primary customer preference since 1966. And the reasons for such unaltered customer behavior are rooted in Akhbar e Jahan’s persevering and ever-evolving faculties to satisfy its varied customer tastes. From your horoscope to your suitor, this magazine vets it all for your expecting eyes. A powerhouse of infotainment is at your doorstep or it is at your desktop. Take your pick, but, the pleasure of reading takes you soulfully under its spell.

Read Akhbar e Jehan Karachi Magazine Online by Clicking the link below:
Akhbar e Jehan

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