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Nida e Millat 14 June 2024 Latest This Week Edition

Nida e Millat Nida e Millat or NidaiMillat is Pakistan Based international Urdu Magazine that is published on weekly basis by a renowned group of media publishers nawa-e-waqt group of publications. The publishing city of NidaiMillat Magazine is Lahore that is certified by ABC and is known as international news magazine. The magazine contains special reports analysis and discussions of respectable standard. It also publishes news and reports from local areas and publishes stuff making the interest of the local readers as it first priority. Information from acroos the globe is brought to the reader in a unique way. The forefather of Nida-i-Millat Lahore is Late Majeed Nizami.

In this Era magazines are not supposed to be read even on weekly basis because the place of magazines and books are taken up by different technologies and applications. People are not fond of reading books or magazine as for them it is somewhat boring task for them. The gap which is left by magazine has taken up by internet and other medium of information sharing and entertainment. Now media channels are thought to be the source of entertainment and different internet applications and features are proved to be a vital medium of information sharing which has restricted the chances of authentication of any information or news. In such rush of technological features and application it is very much hard for a magazine to groom in a society. Taking all the encounters in cognizance. Weekly Nida e Millat magazine has made great effort to flourish not only among societies of Pakistan but internationally as well.

Click on the Nida e Millat Magazine to view Latest Nidaimillat Magazine This Week Edition.

Nida e Millat Magazine comprises of sixty pages all containing relevant material and not such material which can distract people from reading the magazine. Nida-i-Millat not only has to compete with the magazine but also with the technologies and applications of modern world. So to compete with all the challenges Nida-i-Millat always publishes such stuff that took attention of people of every walk life from a lay man to the people of higher authorities. It publishes special reports about national and international news and events. Foremost national and international security policies are discussed in magazine in view of different internationally renowned writers who have command over their field of work in such area. Magazine also contains various ads of different local and national products and also contains ads that educate societies socially and personally.

NidaiMillat Latest magazine can be viewed online by surfing the official website at link: http://nidaimillat.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/. The title page of magazine is always set in according to existing situation globally and nationally. Nida-i-Millat has few pages regarding Islamic information shared by well-known scholars which educate people in the glorifying light of Islam. Few of its pages from those sixty pages contain Specialized Analysis about various vital occurring issues from renowned analyst of a particular field. It also has national reports about different national burning issues of Pakistan. Special reports are the chief part of that magazine. To update the reader with analysis and reports about political changes in Pakistan, the team of Nida-i-Millat sets a journalistic professionalism as a standard to achieve.

Articles of Nida e Millat are proved to be very much reliable and impartial neglecting the view to criticize any person or institute for personal grievances. Entertainment for readers is one of the vital parts of magazine. Entertainment world is presented to the readers with all of its charm and beauty. People show there talent of arts and poetry in that particular magazine that is appreciated in term of publication in magazine. Nida-i-Millat can be accessed on social media website like Facebook and Twitter.

Contact NidaiMillat weekly Magazine by following means:
Nidaimillat Official Websitenidaimillat.nawaiwaqt.com.pk
Nidaimillat Twitter Pagetwitter.com/nidaimillat
Nidaimillat Facebook Pagefacebook.com/nawaiwaqt.nidaimillat/

Read Nida e Millat (ندائے ملّت) Urdu Magazine Online by Clicking the link below:

Nida e Millat

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