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Daily Mahasib 21 February 2024 Newspaper Today

Daily Mahasib Daily Mahasib is one of the most popular Urdu newspaper in Abbottabad. The newspaper started it's journey from Abbottabad in 1997 and now is also being published in multiple cities. Apart from Abbottabad, cities responsible for publishing Daily Mahasib Newspaper are Gilgit Baltistan, Muzafarabad, Azad Kashmir and Mirpur. The newspaper was launched in the memory of late novelist and historian Nasim Hijazi who has done most of his work and writing during his long stay in Abbottabad. The Chief Editor of Daily Mahasib Abbottabad is Zafar Hijazi and he along with his team is doing an excellent work of bringing awareness among the society by enlightening the social issues.

As Mahasib Akhbar is being published in multiple cities targeting the specific local issues. So the newspaper published in each city is indulged with the city name after Daily Mahasib.

  • Daily Mahasib Abbottabad
  • Daily Mahasib Muzafarabad
  • Daily Mahasib Azad Kashmir
  • Daily Mahasib Mirpur
  • Daily Mahasib Gilgit Baltistan

Click on the Daily Mahasib to view Online Daily Mahasib Today 21 02 2024 Akhbar.

The main focus of Roznama Mahasib is to target and enlighten the local issues. The reporter of Mahasib wanders around the local community of these areas and dig really deep to bring up the issues which have never been heard. No doubt that Mahasib is the voice of the unheard people and most of its news speak about the people who are being neglected or abandoned by the society and authorities. The newspaper should get the credit of bringing awareness to the society and at the same time serving the people to solve their unheard problems. It's price is 10 Pkr and has 8 page is normal daily edition.
The main website of Mahasib News is: http://www.mahasib.com.pk/

Apart from the local issues Mahasib Newspaper includes all of the national, international, business, entertainment and sports news in it. The section of the newspaper which is greatly liked by the youth is Daily Mahasib Jobs. As it advertises hundreds of jobs on daily basis. The reports of the newspaper have a very close eye on the current affairs across the globe and as it does not affiliates or relates to any political party or one should say that unlike many other newspapers of Pakistan it is not under the influence of any political party or establishment. So it is very obvious that the news that we get from this source is unbiased and neutral. The competent team of reporters in Daily Mahasib represents the true journalists and work by keeping the journalism code of conduct in mind. This one of the many reason of its increased popularity graph among the people. The news published in it is hundred percent authentic and reliable.

Among many other achievements of Daily Mahasib Newspaper the biggest one is the launch of the online version of newspaper known as Mahasib ePaper which is available at the official website of daily Mahasib. Epaper daily Mahasib has been a great innovation as it made the access to the newspaper very easy. The overseas Pakistanis are the biggest fan of this format as their access to the printed version of daily Mahasib is impossible. The online version of Daily Mahasib is equally popular among the people living in Pakistan. As it saves them from the laboring of going to a stall and spending the money to buy it.

Any one can contact Roznama Mahasib authorities via phone or email addresses as follows:
Mahasib Abbottabad
Website: http://www.mahasib.com.pk/abbottabad
Editor: Shahid Chaudhri
Phone: 0992-332772
Fax: 0992-341271
Mobile: 0321-9804009
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Circular Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Mahasib Muzaffarabad Website: http://www.mahasib.com.pk/muzaffarabad/
Syed Afaq Hussain Shah (Joint Editor Mahasib) Cell: 0321-5133004.
Khizer Hayyat (Resident Editor Heights) Cell: 0345-9636320
Phone: 05822-443248
Fax: 05822-448731
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Abbottabad Road, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.
Mahasib Mirpur Website: http://www.mahasib.com.pk/mirpur/
Israr Hassan
General Manager
Phone: 05827-450007
Fax: 05827-450007
Mobile: 0321-9802706
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Mirpur, Pakistan.
Mahasib Gilgit Website: http://www.mahasib.com.pk/gilgit/
Mehboob Khayyam ( Editor) Cell: 0321-5225991
Bisharat Gil ( Resident Editor) Cell:0331-8980770
Phone: 05811-58965
Fax: 05811-58965
Mobile: 0321-5225991
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Lateef Market, Jutial Gilgit, Pakistan.

Read Daily Mahasib ePaper (روزنامہ محاسب) Online by Clicking the link below:

Daily Mahasib Abbottabad

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