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Mag the Weekly 15 June 2024 Magazine Current Issue

Mag The WeeklyMAG the weekly is an English magazine which is owned and run by Jang Group of Newspapers. It is Weekly Fashion Magazine publishing from Karachi Pakistan. It is one of the most widely circulated English Fashion Magazine in Pakistan. Mir Javed Rahman is current Editor in chief and Ambreen Asim is the present associate editor of this popular magazine. It is considered to be the largest circulated English magazine in Pakistan.

The weekly Mag has gained phenomenal popularity and fame in a very short span of time due to multiple reasons. The biggest edge that it has is the language in which it is published. As English is an international language and there are many people in Pakistan who prefer a piece of literature in English other than Urdu. And due to the language it is also read in other parts of the world too. According to a survey the magazines are considered to be the largest read book across the world due to the reason that it includes the interest material for everyone.

Click on Mag The Weekly to view Pakistan's Most Popular Weekly Fashion Magazine Today 15 06 2024 Edition.

By keeping the recipe of a traditional magazine the Jang group of publications had made sure that MAG includes all the necessary spices and flares along with essence of a classic magazine which enables the readers to get stick to it. Mag Pakistan is famous for its unique and stylish publications. Its publications include health and fitness, expert advice, fashion updates, reviews, Bollywood lounge and Hollywood stories. In all these different sections you will find different and unique ideas. In their health corner they give you expert’s advices to take care and improve your health and fitness. They also suggest you some good and light exercises to keep yourself fit and smart. In expert advice section you send them your queries or problems and they answer your problems and give you expert suggestions. This a section which has really helped in creating a bond between the magazine and them. As it is a very special and honorable feeling for the reader that his quire has been answered with an interest by the team of the magazine.

Fashion, clothes and jewelry are the weakness of every girl and women. To make it more humorous it could be said that these things are in their blood, they have an extraordinary appetite which could never by satisfied as far as this particular area is concerned. That is reason of the anxious wait done by the Mag Weekly Magazine. As it includes the latest fashion updates along with the glamour’s pictures of the models representing the top fashion brands.

Apart from the fashion updates the magazine includes the news and gossips from the showbiz. The can be read in the entertainment section which includes updates related to upcoming movies, drama’s, reality shows and interviews of many different celebrities. Weekly magazine is a complete magazine which has something for everyone without the discrimination of age and sex. MAG the Weekly Magazine is also available on internet to be widely accessed by everyone. You can access it at www.magtheweekly.com. The online version of the weekly Mag has become very popular among the people because it has provided them an easy access to the magazine and they can get the exact copy of the printed magazine on their computers. It has also helped to increase the overseas readers whose access to printed magazine is impossible.

As a sum of all the above features this is one Magazine which can be recommended and due to infinite qualities and versatility it is no doubt a worth reading magazine. Mag the Weekly Facebook Page can be accessed by visiting:
While you can follow mag the weekly tweats by visiting mag the weekly twitter page:
Mag the weekly Addresses:
Mag The Weekly,
Printing House,
Ismail Ibrahim Chundrigar Road,
P.O. Box 42 Karachi – 74200, Pakistan
Ph #: +922132637502, +922132637111-19

Group Publisher:
Mir Javed Rahman
Ph #: +922132634336
Fax: +922132271222
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ph #: +922132634357
Fax: +922132635701
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read Weekly Mag Pakistan Online by Clicking the link below:
Mag the Weekly

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