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Daily Dunya 15 June 2024 Newspaper Today ePaper

Daily DunyaDaily Dunya is a broadsheet newspaper which is being published in the national language of Pakistan. Dunya Newspaper was first launched on 3 September 2012 from Lahore. The rate of acceptance and the popularity graph of Daily Dunya newspaper was remarkable in a very short span of time. From the date of its launch till December 2012, in a period of three months the newspaper has included multiple cities and transformed it into the publishing houses of Daily Dunya. Apart from Lahore which is headquarter of Dunya newspaper the other cities where the newspaper is being published are Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan and Karachi.

The editor in chief and the owner of daily Dunya Newspaper is Mian Amir Mehmood. He along with is competent and professional team makes sure that the news reaches to its audience in the original form without being biased. The reflection of the true journalism can be seen in the bold and dynamic way of reporting in the Dunya newspaper. Unlike other newspapers Dunya news is famous for taking firm stands against the administration on different major issues. Daily Dunya news act like the representatives of people. As they raise the major issues in the society and makes it sure that it is heard by the authorities as well.

Roznama Dunya is 16 page newspaper which includes national, international, business, entertainment and sports news in it. The set of news is very carefully managed and presented in the newspaper. The whole newspaper is divided into sections and parts to provide comfort for the readers. The other section of Roznama Dunya is the covered all with articles. Dunya news has included one of the finest minds and hands in its team which provides worth reading articles on different topics. The price of the newspaper is of 16 PKR which is no doubt very economical and it makes it very easy for the common man to get it.

Click on Daily Dunya to read online dunya epaper of 15 06 2024.

Apart from the news on current issues and different headline, a section of Dunya Akhbar which has become very popular among the youth is Dunya news jobs. This a part of newspaper which has been dedicated for the job advertisements and on daily basis hundreds of jobs from all over the Pakistan are advertised in it. So it is for sure that apart from bringing the awareness among the people the Dunya news is also doing a social service by providing a platform where job seekers can find what they are looking for. Dunya Tenders are also very popular among needfuls.

The remarkable thing done by Dunya group of newspaper is the launch of online version of Dunya newspaper known as Dunya ePaper. Dunya news e paper has provided a service especially to the overseas Pakistanis. As it has provided them an opportunity to get connected with their homeland and know what the current affairs in Pakistan. The online version of Dunya newspaper is equally famous in Pakistan especially the youth and they business class. As it provides an easy access to the newspaper and one doesn’t have to waste the time in going to the stall and buying it.

You can join the Dunya News group community on social media and share your views and reviews. Dunya news Facebook page is available at
This is not only one place where you can join different groups and take parts in different discussions, there is also dunya twitter page for social media lovers given below:
Dunya News Youtube: You can watch Dunya News Live not only by visiting it's official website but also you can visit it by visiting following youtube link:
Duny News Live on Youtube

Newspaperpk.com is providing you direct links of dunya e paper to read dunya newspaper online.
Any one can contact Daily Dunya authorities via land line phone or email addresses as follows:
Telephone Number Dunya Lahore: 042-111-177-777 Fax: 042-36296817
Telephone Number Dunya Rawalpindi: 051-2820156 Fax: 051-2822629
Telephone Number Dunya Karachi: 021-111-177-777 Fax: 021-35114030
Telephone Number Dunya Faisalabad: 041-111-177-777 Fax: 041-8501297
Telephone Number Dunya Gujranwala: 055-382355-4 Fax: 055-3738034-6
Telephone Number Dunya Sargodha: UAN: 111-177-777
Address Lahore Office: Head Office Roznama Dunya 8-A Abbot Road Lahore.
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Editor in Chief: Mian Aamir Mehmood
Dunya Newspaper Lahore Website: http://e.dunya.com.pk/index.php?e_name=LHR
Dunya Newspaper Rawalpindi Islamabad Website: http://e.dunya.com.pk/index.php?e_name=ISL
Dunya Newspaper Karachi Website: http://e.dunya.com.pk/index.php?e_name=KCH
Dunya Newspaper Faisalabad Website: http://e.dunya.com.pk/index.php?e_name=FAB
Dunya Newspaper Gujranwala Website: http://e.dunya.com.pk/index.php?e_name=GUJ
Dunya Newspaper Sargodha Website: http://dunya.com.pk/index.php/city/sargodha
Daily Dunya Newspaper Official Website: www.dunya.com.pk
Dunya News TV Live Official Website: www.dunyanews.tv

Read Daily Dunya ePaper Online by Clicking the Dunya News official website link below:

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