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Daily Waka Karachi Today ePaper

Daily WakaDaily Waka is one of the largest selling newspapers of Sindhi language in the Region of Sindh. Daily Sindhi Newspaper which is being published from Karachi and Hyderabad simultaneously. It has done rapid growth in only eight years as it was come into being in 2009. The reason behind this rapid growth is so much hard work of its editor Anwar Somro. He worked very hard to make Daily Waka Karachi, one of the most authentic Sindhi language newspaper. If we read Daily Waka Sindhi Newspaper, we can see that there is no less information than Urdu and English Newspaper. It includes the news about Politics, which party is in power and which is not. This newspaper also includes the news about Entertainment and Showbiz. There is one page named National News in which we can read all the news about Pakistan. It also Contain all news About International Countries as well. Daily Waka is available for Rs 5. That’s why everyone can buy it and read it.

More than fifteen every day Sindhi daily papers are distributed in Pakistan with Hyderabad being the biggest focal point of such productions. Karachi and Sukkur go with the same pattern. In short, we can say that if you are reading Waka Sindhi Newspaper, than you are aware of all the news and updates of your region (Sindh), News of your Country (Pakistan), And the news of International Countries as well. Waka then again is a greater amount of an awami (public) daily paper and has a bigger dissemination.

Daily Waka Editorial Strategy:
The terrific Strategy of the newspapers named Daily Waka is to go for bringing the political, financial, and discretionary and security approaches of a country into an intelligible entire to serve the best advantages of a nation. Daily waka’s Editorial policy is same as National policy. They do not post any news against the Pakistan and Pakistan Army. They do not post any news which can cause harm to economy. There is a solid need of bringing Sindhi and other commonplace issues at National level to manufacture agreement on them which surely will reinforce national concordance. Presently numerous hot issues blend up and stay escaped individuals in bigger urban communities since Urdu and English media does not cover them and additionally Sindhi daily papers do. Deciphering vital news from Sindhi to Urdu/English and getting them prime genuine state on National dailies is the need of great importance. Here I should say that the daily Dawn gives a week by week audit of Sindhi daily papers in its highlights segment.

Daily Waka Facebook:
As you all know, we are very habitual of checking our Facebook daily on regular basis. By keeping this in mind Daily Waka Newspaper has also their Facebook page for the sake of interacting with the readers. Click on the link to open it:
Daily Waka Twitter:
Daily Waka has the Twitter account also. You can follow them at:
Daily Waka Address:
Room number 303, 305, 5th Floor Amber Medical Centre M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi
Karachi, Pakistan
Daily Waka Phone Number:
You can also call them at:
Mansoor Korai (Chief Editor)
Mazhar Ali Chandio (General Manager)
Adovocate G.M Korai (Legal Advisor)
Daily Waka FAX:
Daily Waka Email Address:
Send an Email to contact Waka newspaper, Here:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Daily Waka ePaper:
Daily Waka has maintained its IT sector very well. You can read the Daily Waka ePaper online Daily on the Official Website of Daily Waka Akhbar. Just click on the link given below to read it:


Click on www.dailywaka.com to view Daily Waka Karachi Online Today .

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