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Naya Akhbar 14 June 2024 ePaper Today Online

Daily Naya Akhbar Naya Akhbar is Urdu language newspaper of Pakistan publishing daily from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Sakhar and Hyderabad simultaneously. Daily Naya Akhbar is published by Khabrain Group which is renowned group of media publishers of Pakistan. It is ABC certified and has a responsibility of publishing neutral, factual and reliable news to the readers. Daily Naya newspaper is famous for its affiliation with khabrain group that has a policy to critic on the illegal activities of politicians and institutes and reporting unbiased not making judgements by its own self. The Chief Executive of Naya Akhbar is Zia Shahid and the editor of this newspaper is Imtanan Shahid. There is a lot more to do for the journalist team of this newspaper to increase the readership and to compete with most read newspaper in Pakistan.

Internet now a days is the most reliable, demanding and depending source for being update and to get information about day to day happening all across the globe. Internet has taken everything away from the people which is in print form either it is in book form or magazine and newspaper. There is no much Interest of people in reading newspaper now or they thing it hard to buy a daily newspaper from shops in morning. Seeing this and to fulfil the needs of reader Naya Akhbar ePaper was launched which provide readers and internet users to access it online by visiting website: http://epaper.dailykhabrain.com.pk/epaper?station_id=10. This Online Epaper has all the stuff, news and reports that are published in naya akhbar daily newspaper.

Click on Daily Naya Akhbar to read Naya Akhbar ePaper 14 06 2024 Today.

Naya Abkhbar Lahore is famous among the people of Lahore and has healthy readership in other cities. Daily Naya Akhbar can be purchased by spending Rupees 6 PKR that is so much economical that even a lay man can buy it to get latest news and headlines. It comprises of six pages having multidimensional stuff from around the various fields. Six pages of Naya Akhbar provides national news, sports news, Economy news, crime reporting, editorial sectional, classified and many more. Naya Akhbar is also publishing from other cities of Pakistan and can be searched as: Naya Akhbar Islamabad, Naya Akhbar Multan, Naya Akhbar Peshawar, Naya Akhbar Muzaffarabad, Naya Akhbar Sakhar, Naya Akhbar Hyderabad, Naya Akhbar Sargodha and Naya Akhbar Karachi. Naya Akhbar Guess Paper, Naya Akhbar Jobs, Naya Akhbar Yesterday, Naya Akhbar Archives, Naya Akhbar Columns are also searched by people to find Naya Akhbar Urdu Newspaper.

First page of Roznama Naya Akhbar has all the national news and latest happening in Pakistan specifically from federal province. It also publishes local news from the publishing cities covering all the local happenings such as crime reporting, incidents, political settlements and changes, law and order news and other relevant and burning issues that need to be highlighted. Second page of Naya Akhbar is left for all the news from entertainment world and named this page as Colourful World by covering most read news from showbiz world such as scandals, upcoming movies and many more. Third page of Daily Naya Akhbar is there for Daily Naya Akhbar ads, while fourth page of this newspaper has remaining details of news posted on first page of it and also prints some local special shorts reports on this page. Page of of Naya akhbar covers news from sports world, supplying news from each field of sports like cricket, football, tennis and many others. Page six known as back page of naya Akhbar publishes short news and reports from all around the globe.

Naya Akhbar Contacts:
Naya Akhbar Official Website: http://www.khabraingroup.com/Naya_epaper.aspx
Naya Akhbar Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/dailykhabrainnews
Naya Akhbar Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/daily_khabrain
Naya Akhbar Goolge Plus Page:
Naya Akhbar Newspaper Address:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Markaz G-7-II,Block 12-L Sitara Market
Phone Numbers : 2204755 , 2204751 , 2204752 , 2204753
Fax : 2204756

Read Daily Naya Akhbar ePaper (نیا اخبار) Online by Clicking the link below:

Daily Naya Akhbar

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