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BBC Urdu 22 February 2024 News Today

BBC UrduFancy thee a British tang in thy national dialect? This is right where you have to be. The world’s largest international broadcaster, i.e., the BBC World Service, comes home at your disposal. Decades and decades of experience, insurmountable brand power, seasoned skill set, and an established perception of excellence moves countless eyes and ears when something like, “Welcome to BBC News…!” is played. Realizing its greatest viewership for the Asian audience, the BBC has one after another customized its brand experience to cater to this part of the world. Following on the lines of its former counterparts as BBC Arabic and BBC Persian, BBC Urdu was launched in July 2002, during the Musharraf Era.

Adhering to its global mission to be ‘the world’s best-known and most-respected voice in international broadcasting, thereby bringing benefit to the UK, the BBC and to audience around the world’, while also retaining a ‘balanced British view of international developments’; the brand runs scrupulously its Urdu-ised version known as Urdu BBC.

Click on BBC Urdu to view online bbc urdu news Pakistan of 22 02 2024.

Stationed in the British capital, London, the brand broadcasts news, speech and discussions in a hefty thirty two languages worldwide. And, BBC Urdu News is another such foreign extension under BBC’s umbrella. To colorize the otherwise dry British code, the audience has been provided well with picaresque photographs from the corners of the country, updated daily. Also, there are videos to amuse the viewership. All this, just a click away, at ‘www.bbcurdu.com’. The portal has been so organized to better facilitate its non-English target audience, with an utmost care of Urdu as a linguistic tool. The agency ensures appropriate expression, word selection, grammar etc., via its capable team. Indeed, merely a cursory glance at the first page gives one an understanding of the professionalism and high-quality standards set and met by the brand.

Now when the industry trends are fast changing, the organization also keeps itself abreast with the dynamism of our age. The people can access 24/7 the BBC Urdu Application on their mobile devices. Further, they can always give their feedback or contact the BBC at their whims and caprice. Undoubtedly, the interface, user-experience and performance of the online services of agency are at par with the best in business.

For non-English, Urdu audience, BBC Urdu Live remains an unparalleled service when it comes to a pleasant blend of an international brand’s legacy and a national linguistic preference. Ironically, you get the cake and the topping too.

Due to a legacy of “100 Years of Colonialism”, reflective still in Pakistan’s infrastructure to sports to words to bureaucracy to democracy and to what not; the people still have a residuum of ‘Britishness’ in their souls. And with the name BBC, a certain affiliation re-evokes itself unconsciously into the natives’ cognition. In fact, not only Pakistan, but the whole South Asia associates itself as if colonially to its once mutual inhabitants. We still breathe an Anglicized air into our South-Asian lungs. And we listen to BBC Urdu Radio the way a literate British speaks to us in our own language eloquently and prodigiously. The easiest and surest way to join those millions infotained hearts and minds, the prestigious club is just a click away. Click and explore how and what a British has to say in Urdu. You will never be less Urdu-ised.

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