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Daily Awami Awaz Karachi Hyderabad Sukkur News Online

Awami AwazAwami Awaz is a daily newspaper in Sindhi Language. It is published from Karachi. Daily Awami Awaz was founded on 1st January 1989. It is having one of the largest numbers of readers in Sindh Region. The Format of the Daily Awami Awaz is Broadsheet which is commonly vertical 22 inches or 56 centimeters. Awami Awaz ePaper is being read in all cities of Sindh, For Example, Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Thatta, Mirpur Kahs, Kahirpur, Umerkot, Mithi, Jacobabad, Rohri etc. Awami Awaz Newspaper is being distributed from Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur at the same time with its Head Office is in Karachi and has Bureau workplaces in Islamabad, Lahore, Sukkur and Hyderabad. Awami Awaz Akhbar is perused and approx. more than 3.5 million general readers are getting benefit from it. It is especially known for giving educated, adjusted scope and feeling on the issues molding the territorial, social and political. This Newspaper is making the most of its reality in the business since 25 years. It has stately position in the market and getting a charge out of powerful target readership.

Daily Awami Awaz (روزاني عوامي آواز) is edited by two people, which are Dr. Abdul Jabbar Khattak and Dr. Khair Mohammad Juno. Daily Awami Awaz is Interpreter of Public Rights. Roznama Awami Awaz is the primary Sindhi Computerize daily paper of Pakistan. They are also publishing a magazine named “Awami Awaz sindhi Magazine” every month for the benefit of their readers.

Click Daily Awami Awaz to view 15 06 2024 Today ePaper Online while Awami Awaz TV to Watch Awami Awaz TV Sindhi News Live Streaming Online.

Daily Awami Awaz provides the facility of Awami Awaz Fee SMS News Alert to their readers of different regions. What you have to do is, just go to write message option on your mobile phone, write rub Awami Awaz and SMS to 40404 for breaking news and latest Alerts in Sindhi Roman Language. This is the great facility provided by the Awami awaz. This can help us even when we are far away from home and internet. Wherever we go, we take the mobile phone with us. If there is any breaking news or latest update, Awami awaz SMS Alert will help you knowing what is going on in the world and your country Pakistan that too in Sindhi language. Likewise, Awami Awaz gazed versatile news alarm in Sindhi Language.

Awami Awaz TV:
Awami Awaz Group is having a news channel named Awami Awaz TV. This is the Pakistan’s first Sindhi digital news channel. You can watch the different programs of that news channel online. The channel is specially popular in the areas where Sindhi language is spoken and understood well. People of Sindh trust this news channel for authentic and updated news 24 hours a day.

Daily Awami Awaz Facebook:
They are having a fan page on Facebook also, if you want to stay up to date with the latest news please like that page by clicking on the link given below:
Daily Awami Awaz Google Plus:
Daily newspaper maintains all IT sections very well. They are having a fan page at Google Plus also, Click on the link to follow:
Daily Awami Awaz Twitter:
Roznama Awami Awaz does also have a Twitter Account, Click on the li k to get all the lates news in Sindhi Language.
Awami Awaz ePaper:
It is having total 12 pages which are full of information news and updates in Sindhi Language. Its Page no 5 includes Daily Horoscope Sports and Entertainment news. If you want to know about the recent happenings of Sindh and Pakistan or you want to know the Political Condition, Social Condition Stock Exchange rates, jobs advertisements, awami awaz Sunday magazine, awami awaz today and yesterday newspaper online, just click on the link below to read today’s newspaper in Sindhi language:

Daily Awami Awaz Contact number:
021- 35672941
Daily Awami Awaz Email Address:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read Daily Awami Awaz Today ePaper Online Free by Clicking the link below:
Daily Awami Awaz

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